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Having been a long time publisher on the Internet, I've been through the web hosting wars and have tried many different hosting providers. Unfortunately, in the process I have had some very unpleasant experiences as providers have failed, servers have gone belly up, and providers have imposed their incompetence on or supported their clients badly. I think I have finally found a provider that is inexpensive while watching out for their customers needs. They actually provide phone support, not just trouble ticket based support, and to my delight I found them located within a few miles of my home. If good support and excellent performance, with prices as low as $6.95 per month (the price scale slides depending upon how long you contract for at a time) for unlimited disk storage and including a free domain name sounds unbelievable, you should take a look at "bluehost" (see below) which now supports most of my websites. Bluehost also delivers unlimited gigabytes of transfer per month, 2500 email addresses, an unlimited number of domains and subdomains, MySQL and PostGres databases, PHP, Front Page extensions, activity logs, etc.!

Feel free to contact me for more information about my experiences with this web host and with others.

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