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Mike St. Clair with wife and children
Front Row: Bonnie, Anna, Mike, Molly, Heidi
Back Row: Emily, Thane, Scott, Justin

In December of 1995, the whole family was together for the first time in several years. I'm very proud of each one of my children. Below are thumbnail sketches, from oldest to youngest.

Scott holds a Masters degree in accounting and is a CPA and a manager with Price Waterhouse, specializing in taxes. He is in high demand whenever the tax implications of a merger or acquisition become complicated and this brings him to Utah a dozen or two times a year giving us frequent chances to get together. He is also a top-notch athlete who will never be found far from a basketball court, a softball or baseball field, the ski slopes or a golf course. He is one of the three of my children who could care less about computers. He'll use it as a tool, but not focus his leisure time on one. He lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife Darla, and their four children, Michael, Mckenzie, Brandon, and Brianna.

Thane works in a group home for adults who can take care of some, but not all, of their own needs. He has come up with some creative ways to integrate personal computers into his work processes. He is also quite a handyman and has created a unique ceramic tile floor in one of my bathrooms which came from a stained glass pattern. Thane also has created much of the music and done most of the promotion for an alternative rock band which has played all over the west created several CDs. He is also in demand as a sound technician and has engineered the sound for performances and recordings ranging from Rock to classical. In his "spare" time, he attends Salt Lake Community College where he is pursuing an education degree. He lives in West Valley City, Utah, with his wife, Nickhole, and their two children, Ruel and Aeon.

Justin is a top-notch electrician, with experience installing electric systems, home theater sound systems, security systems and data cabling in businesses, apartments and homes. It's great to have such a son who knows how to troubleshoot and repair difficult wiring problems when you live in an older home. He keeps ours "alive." He also has good athletic ability and enjoys living where golf is available all through the winter. He currently lives in central Utah and is planning a career move that will allow him to use his electrical savy together with his computer interests.

Molly returned home in the Spring of 1998 after living in St. Petersburg, Russia for a year and a half as a volunteer church missionary. After studying the Russian language for several years during high school and college, Molly was excited to have this chance to be able to really apply the knowledge she had gained. Since returning home, and learning once again to communicate in English, she is now attending Brigham Young University where she is preparing to become an astronomer. Molly is good with computers and enjoys working with them. She also enjoys amateur astronomy. Like her oldest brother, Molly also loves sports and excels at them; especially basketball, volleyball, running, golf and skiing. She is the number one fan of the BYU soccer and basketball teams and seldom misses a home game.

Emily has worked several winters at the Park City Ski Resort, running lifts and helping handicapped skiers enjoy the same exhilaration as those blessed with all their limbs. During 1999 and 2000 she also worked at the Resort maintenance department. Last fall she began attending Salt Lake Community College College full time and hopes eventually to work with the forensic aspects of crime prevention. Emily is one of the artists in the family, with excellent skills, especially in pencil drawing and poetry, but also working with clay, paint, and charcoal. She is also proficient with the snowboard. Emily has had a lot of experience working as a volunteer with disadvantaged and abused children, with whom she has an exceptional rapport.

Heidi, who graduated from high school in 1999, is a hard working student, an excellent trumpet player, and is very good on the piano. She also enjoys all kinds of music (if it comes on a CD) and drama. She has a real talent for putting together an outfit of clothes that look good in combination; also in decorating with dried flowers, which she prepares herself. She has been studying Japanese, enjoys learning about their cuisine and culture, and has developed good skills with writing the difficult Japanese characters. She is the member of the family that everyone wants involved when any baking is done since the results are always so delicious. Heidi is another of those folks who know how to use a computer as a tool, but won't let it take over her life. We were all excited when she made the honor roll throughout her senior year with straight A's! She works as manager for a GNC store. She recently was married to a fine young man in the Mount Timpanogas temple just a short ways from our home and had a fabulous honeymoon in Scotland (I was very jealous but they said I was NOT invited!)

Bonnie is my youngest and is a junior in high school. She loves the computer, photography, music, reading, swimming, and talking to friends, either in person, on the telephone, or via the Internet. She is quite a whiz with the computer and the Internet, and is a very talented writer. She has astounded her teachers with typing speeds in excess of 100 wpm error free. She is also an exceptional photographer with a good eye for what is going to look good. It seems that in the couple of years she has suddenly changed from a cute little urchin, to a tall and glamorous beauty. I'm sure going to miss having a "little girl" around. She has grand plans to attend college in Australia in a few years!

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