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Ruel, Aeon, McKenzie, Michael, Jacob

Brandon, Daniel

Ruel is my oldest grandson and he is "lucky" enough to live with me right now while his dad goes to school. He's my favorite partner when doing roofing projects.

Michael was the second grandchild to come along. He has many talents, including being an excellent piano player and a great chess player.

Aeon is Ruel's younger sister, also part of my household now. She is very creative with art and writing, and a great reader.

McKenzie is Michael's younger sister and a top notch fast-pitch softball player.

Jacob is an Arizonan, with the innate ability to take things apart, even if that involves computer files!

Brandon's main job in life is to keep tabs on his older brother Michael and his older sister McKenzie. He joined the family basketball tournament competition in 2006 and promptly rose to the top.

Daniel is Jacob's younger brother, and another namesake. His middle name, Noah, is my official first name, even though I've always been known as Mike.

Brianna is the youngest sister of Michael, McKenzie and Brandon, and no one can dance like Brianna.

Gabriel is my youngest grandson. If the angel by the same name needs some assistance in waking up the world, he'll have an able assistant that won't even need a horn!

Elizabeth is our youngest (until April 2006, that is) and has earned the title "Sweet Pea" from Grandmother.

Baby Girl coming soon!

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